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Motor Vehicle Financing

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Personal and Business Vehicle finance made easy

Whether for private or business use, finding the right vehicle for your purposes at the right price is important. So to is its financing, be it flexible repayment options to having a balloon (lump sum payment) at the end of the loan term, our Service Providers can help finance a wide range of vehicles with a choice of funding options to suit most requirements, ensuring you get the best repayment plan to fit your cashflow position.

There are two basic types of car loan: secured and unsecured. A secured car loan provides the lender with a specified item of security; in the event that you are unable to repay the debt, the lender has the right to take possession of this item, which in the case of a secured car loan is usually your car itself. An unsecured loan does not require you to provide an item of security, but as a result, this type of loan usually costs you more.

In today`s competitive marketplace, you need finance options that are both flexible and cost effective. The first stage is to decide on the type of finance arrangement best suits you: loan, lease, hire purchase, or dealer finance. Then it's a simple matter of choosing the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Our Service Providers can help you find that right funding option, tailored to suit your needs offering vehicle finance solutions to keep you on the road be it for personal or business use: 

> With funding on both new and used vehicles

> Offering flexible repayment options, at competitive rates and personal service you can rely on


So why not let us help you find the right financing option for your Motor Vehicle requirements.

Our finance service providers are their to provide you with advice and guidance on any aspect of your vehicle financing be it personal or business and to ensure you have the right finance option to best meet your needs. Collectively our members are provided with knowledgeable and unbiased support, ensuring there choices are underpinned by:

> Impartiality - freedom of choice across reputable providers, manufacturers and models

> Transparency - finding the best finance option; and making sure that theres no hidden claws to worry about

> Advocacy - acting as a trusted partner, answering your questions and focusing on your best interests

> Diligence - ensuring your arrangements are processed swiftly, without compromising your decision-making process

> Consistency - ensuring you recieve the level of service you deserve and depend on as a member, irrespective of your funding scope or scale

Whether you need help in finding the right vehicle to start with, financing one or both our service providers can help.

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