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Who Are We

  • PPL Finance Services is a division of Pre-Paid Legal Services committed to helping members improve their financial circumstances by providing them with access to a support network of independent professionals with the expertise to properly guide, assist and advise them on how they can better manage their financial outcomes towards securing their long term financial independence and freedom.
  • Our members have access to a broad range of financing, investment, insurance and wealth management services, through a network of carefully selected alliance relationships with more than 20+ years of experience in their respective sectors and the level of expertise required to provide the guidance, assistance and innovative advice needed to best protect and serve the interests of our members.
  • Our aim is to see our members improve their financial situations, wherever possible save money by having the right experts guide and provide the most appropriate financial product to suit their current or future needs, while developing a financial strategy that will improve their overall financial well-being into the future. 


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Why use PPL Finance Services?

A Strong Network of Service Providers - Better Cost Savings - Greater Efficiency - Improved Levels of Service and much more.

Why Choose Us

  • Value

    • Financial guidance and support from experts you can rely upon!
    • Finding the right finance broker , financial planner or wealth consultant to advise or assist you when your buying a new home, up dating your current vehicle , investing for your future or borrowing for that once in a life time holiday, isn`t always easy. Now there is a smarter and more cost effective solution. We provide all members free of charge direct access to experts that will assist you with any personal or business financing or investment need. Ensuring you get the best advice and value, by dealing with reliable experts that will work with your best interests in mind.
  • Service

    • Service is our only business!
    • Providing excellent customer service is important to us and our alliance partners. To this extent we ensure our alliance partners provide our members with the support and assistance they require for any finance need or issue. It is this philosophy that sets us and our alliance partners apart from others within the financing sector.
  • Dependability

    • A relationship you can count on!
    • Now you have a resource at your fingertips for all your day to day financing needs. What`s more, you also have someone to turn to for any unexpected financial life event. We ensure our members have access to only the best advice and support available for any personal and business finance requirement whenever they need it. It`s a relationship you can count on!
  • Finance to suit any need

    • No matter where you are in life - starting your first job, retiring, or somewhere in between - we have the people who can help advise and assist you with any financing or financial planning need throughout your life.
  • Simplicity - We Get Things Done

    • Using your membership is simple.
    • When you need financial advice or assistance, you simply call us. We will ascertain what type of financing support you require and refer you to a Financial Expert who is a specialist in dealing with your type of need. Call about any financing or planning matter. It’s that simple. We will take care of the rest.
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Why become a Pre-Paid Legal member

Six out of 10 people experience one or more legal life events every year 


Almost half of employees who take time off work do so to deal with problems that are either legal or legal related


Seven out of 10 businesses experience some form of major legal or employee relations issue every year


The average person is 3 times more likely to find themselves in court than hospital, so the chances are you will need the services of a lawyer sooner rather than later


its a smart, simple and cost effective solution to dealing with any type of legal issue.


What our Members say

  • D. Wilkey, Small Business Owner

    I recently took out a Pre-Paid Legal Services Home Based Business and Family Plan which helped me in the recovery of monies owing to my business. I know the system works, and that whenever I need it, legal assistance is just a phone call away without having to worry about the cost.

  • S. Kumar, IDF GLOBAL WA

    It is very comforting for small businesses like mine to know that there is a legal resource that we can fall back on for any legal issues. I thank you for the assistance in our recent case of a client refusing to pay our fees, the matter was resolved quickly and to our full satisfaction, thank you.

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About PPL Finance Services

We offer access to a broad range of finance services, through a network of carefully selected alliance relationships with service providers that have the experience and the level of expertise required to provide guidence, assistance and innovative advice to best serve and protect the interests of our members. Learn more...

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